Musings on Future Christmas Decorations

As mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of Christmas decorations at the moment that I’m not super excited about (some of which are in the car destined for Goodwill). I can’t say enough how much calmer I feel now that it’s all put away! However, prior to the end of the season I looked online and collected a small grouping of items/ideas that I will use to guide me next year. These items are only available seasonally so they are just an inspiration board, next Christmas I will use these to help me choose from all the new and awesome holiday decor! Continue reading “Musings on Future Christmas Decorations”

Holiday Home Tour 2016

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OK, first of all I am using the phrase “holiday home tour” very, very loosely. I am considering this year as a planning period for my Christmas decorations, so, in this post I am exploring some of my thoughts on the topic with a few pictures sprinkled in to give an idea of where I am now and why I’m not thrilled. In my next post I’ll be looking at some specific decor items I’m considering for next Christmas. I don’t love a lot of what I have right now, but I am excited to be figuring out why and where to go from here! Continue reading “Holiday Home Tour 2016”

Here goes nothing!

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The title of my blog is “Finding Me At Home,” which – to be completely honest, is a tiny bit embarrassing for me because it’s so literal and I feel a little bit exposed. I tried to come up with a name that was more abstract, but nothing seemed to fit – I think it’s my granddaddy’s fault; he always said that a business’ name should tell you what they do. So, “Finding Me At Home” is my attempt to learn more about myself through the process of decorating and¬†updating my home. Continue reading “Here goes nothing!”