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As mentioned in my Entryway| Design and Progress post, rather than spending $50 a pop for the beautiful coat hooks that inspired my entryway design, I ordered 3 modern, but curvy, brass hooks from CB2 for $36 total. These hooks are beautiful, weighty and the perfect addition to welcome guests into my home (plus I get to look at them everyday!). Here’s how I decided which hook to get, how many I needed, and where to put them.


Since adding this beautiful round mirror (painted black) to my entryway, I just felt like something was missing – hooks! I hate that my guests are always awkwardly trying to find somewhere to put their jackets/purses/phones/keys/etc. when they come over. It’s pretty difficult to find a surface that is unreachable to the dog and the baby. I solved the phones/keys issue with my new wall shelf and bowl but still needed hooks.


Prior to ordering any hooks, I had also updated my entryway with a new black/ivory rug (still thinking I may find a larger one), a small gray ceramic gourd lamp with a white linen shade, and a pretty woven basket (to the right of shelf). With all of the items in place, I had many ideas pop into my head about my future hooks:

  • not black (will be next to black mirror)
  • not white (too cutesy, not modern enough)
  • not silver (too cold with black mirror)
  • maybe brass (would connect mirror wall with shelf wall (too matchey-matchey?)
  • maybe wood (might warm up the space)
  • maybe leather (would soften the space and feel modern)
  • curvy (since the shelf is straight-lined, I was missing that feminine touch)

With all of that ^ in mind, I started checking out all of my online sources (I have a giant bookmarks folder with home decor stores). I pinned any hooks I liked regardless of the above parameters since I will likely need hooks elsewhere in my home at some point. Though, to be fair, for the bigger retailers with thousands of hooks, I did narrow my search by color and/or keywords (like modern, minimal, curvy, etc.). After looking EVERYWHERE, here are the hooks I pinned. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am super picky hence the small amount of hooks. Anywho, let’s break down these options:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

1) Stropp Wall Hooks via Amara: I considered these in 3 colorways (natural + copper, brown + brass, black + brass) The natural + copper was quickly nixed because I didn’t want a metal so similar to the brass on the shelf if it wasn’t actually brass. I didn’t want the black, because it would be next to the black mirror. So my last option was the brown + brass. It’s super pretty and basically identical to my last several purses, lol. Unfortunately, these come in sets of 2 for $61 and I would need 2 sets = $122 – yikes!

2) Brass Wall Hooks via OfficinaRovereto: These come in a set of 3 or 6, but I would want at least 5 due to their small size = $105.26. I liked that they were similar to my original inspiration (#5) but was kinda bummed that they were so boring. I would have liked them more if they had a rounded out notch to better hold clothing, or a slight angle.

3) Brass Wall Hook via Golden Biscotti: I almost purchased these. They are really no more exciting than #2 and have the same drawback of just kinda being there and possibly not serving their functional purpose. This Etsy shop sells them individually at $15.32 but for 5 plus shipping = $83.75

4) Dive Brushed Gold Wall Hook via CB2: These lovelies come in 2 colors, gold or silver. I considered both but still think the silver that close to the black would have read a little too cold for me. They are sold individually for only $11.95 with FREE shipping always – yay! I got all three gold hooks for only $35.85. I really liked that these were brass like the original inspiration, that they had a curve to them and that they were still simple and modern feeling. I also loved how big they were and that I didn’t need so many little things on my wall which might have looked busy/messy.

5) Brass Round Wall Hooks via Food52: These were my original inspiration for the entryway design; I fell for them pretty hard. I loved that they were a simple functional design that was still a pretty color and sheen. I did not love their price though. These are literally 1×1 so I would have wanted 5; this would have cost $230 + shipping! Not even an actual consideration, lol.

6) Walnut Wood Coat Hook via LayerTree: As I said, I pinned anything I liked while searching for hooks. I hadn’t originally considered these for this space, but after installing the shelf I was worried that metal hooks would feel too cold so I considered wood. The problem with these walnut hooks is that when paired with the matte black frame of my mirror, it reads farmhouse/industrial and that is NOT a vibe I want in my home. I like it, just not for me. If I had chosen these, it would have cost $68.96 for 5 with shipping.


As mentioned, I considered several different layout options. Originally I tried them out on the computer but I couldn’t really get a feel for them so I ended up cutting out some paper and taping it to the wall. This was really helpful to see exactly how it would look in the space – and it was so much faster! The layout of the hooks was obviously affected by the number of hooks I got and the dimensions. If I had gotten the inspiration hooks, I would have gotten 5. With the curvy wood ones, I would have wanted 4. Since the Dive Brushed Gold Wall Hooks in CB2 hooks I picked were very large, I only wanted three.

img_9806With the layout, I had originally envisioned a random scattering of hooks. After trying that out, it quickly became clear that this wasn’t going to work. I am NOT good at doing things randomly, I’m too type-A. For reference, when putting out confetti at my daughter’s party this past weekend, I literally had to close my eyes to keep it from being a grid pattern, lol. I did try a typical line of hooks but that was boring and didn’t really make sense with the stairs since longer items would touch them. I ended up deciding on 3 hooks in the following arrangement.


I put the first one centered horizontally between the mirror and the corner and also centered vertically with the mirror. The one directly below it is centered with the light switch. The third one is centered between the previous hooks vertically and between the line of hooks and the mirror horizontally. Did that make any sense? I did the process of taping up templates to my wall before ordering any hooks and also before hanging my hooks to make sure I would like the layout, number of hooks and to find the precise location to drill.



Overall, I’m very happy with my new hooks and though I’m not one for socializing, I’m eager for my guests to try them out! One thing I did not anticipate, however, is that I feel like I need to add something to that wall on the far left hook. I’m not sure exactly what yet. I’ve considered bags, ceramic planters with leather straps, a hanging picture frame, idk. I just feel like it looks empty and also needs something soft. Whatever I get can’t “take up” a hook, it has to still be usable.We’ll see.


Random note: Still haven’t found the perfect art piece to go over the shelf. I’m confused because I don’t want anything round since the mirror is right there, but if I do rectangle, is that too harsh with the rectangle table? I don’t want oval there either… Rounded edges on a rectangle frame??? Woven wall hangings seem trendy and I don’t already love one anyways…



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