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Two weeks ago I shared an image on Instagram of some beautiful brass wall hooks that got me excited to start designing my entryway. I quickly came up with a general design direction that adhered to my personal style words (discussed here). Then I figured out the cost of everything ($1043.10 – yikes!) so I could see which items I needed to switch out to make my vision doable. I’m still working on it but wanted to give an update.

you_doodle_2017-01-23t14_09_47zBefore getting into all of information about the individual items, here is my original design direction and the cost breakdown. I want an overall feeling of purpose and function mixed with soft and pretty. Before tackling the adjoining living room, I want this small area to be the jumping point for the feel of the room (which will hopefully be calm, cozy, sophisticated, organized and feminine). Some of the items ended up getting switched for cheaper versions, others ended up being too small or large for my needs. A few pieces just didn’t really make functional sense for the space or my family. I have spent the last couple weeks online and in stores looking for alternates and am slowly making progress.


These were the beautiful hooks that started it all. They are the Brass Round Wall Hooks found at Food52 for $50/each or $180/set of four. I love that they are round and have a pretty sheen – for me, this makes them feminine. Since I added this Threshold Mirror (painted black) between the front door and my stairway I knew I wanted some hooks to go near it for visitors’ coats/purses. At the moment, my visitors,which admittedly are very few, put their stuff on the chair/sofa resulting in a messy looking room and inconvenience if you actually want to sit on said furniture. The front door swings in and to the right and the hooks will be partially behind the door when it is open. The location for the hooks is a little less than ideal, but once you are actually inside my home, it makes a little more sense. Though I LOVE the Food52 hooks, I’m not willing to spend $50 a pop.


After scouring the internet, I found these pretty Dive Brushed Gold Wall Hooks at CB2 for only $11.95/each. Due to the large dimensions (10.25″ tall!) I would only need three – for a total of $35.85. I strongly considered a straight brass hook and even this walnut hook, but I really like the curvy shape of these and that they are brass like the shelf. I had originally been worried that a metal hook next to a metal mirror would be too cold, but I think the shape will fix that – plus look at the cute brass screws!



This Safavieh Princess Console Table is such a pretty shape. If this was even vaguely in my price range, I’d be willing to splurge a little, but at $439.99, there is no way. Right now I really have to strike a balance when choosing items. I don’t want to spend a ton of money since I’m basically looking to furnish the entire house ($$$) but at the same time, I don’t want to purchase items that aren’t going to last or that I’m not going to like because they are low quality. Anywho, even if I didn’t balk at that price, I still don’t love this table because of the finish. I could paint it, of course, but it’s actually a little longer than the wall I want to put it on so, it’s a no go.


I looked at a lot of different tables and couldn’t really find anything that had the look I was going for, the right dimensions and a reasonable price. I started to think maybe I could find a wall shelf that would accomplish the same thing but work better for my parameters. After returning an embarrassingly large amount of stuff to World Market I still had store credit there and luckily enough they had this pretty wall shelf. The dimensions were perfect and although I was missing some curvy lines, the brass + glass combo was pretty. Originally this shelf is $99 but I got it on sale and with a coupon for $50 (using store credit)!


Now, it wasn’t quite the perfect Cinderella story I just laid out because of a color issue. Unfortunately the pretty color in the product photo above isn’t what I saw at the store. The actual item is more of a brownish-orange bronze which is not what I was going for. I decided to take the plunge and get it and try to paint it the right shade of gold. Funnily enough (not so much at the time) when I got my spray paint out, the cap looked identical to the shelf – had I lost my mind? I decided to paint it anyway since the cap is rarely the exact color of the paint. While painting the shelf I literally couldn’t tell what had been painted and what had not so I just tried to be insanely thorough and I used all of the paint (over several coats). After it dried and cured I could (thankfully!) see that the color was just slightly different but perfect – yay!


Next up on my list was the rug to go in front of the door. When you walk through my front door, directly in front of you is the stairway going up and the living area is to your left. Right in front of the door is a not-quite-square 43″ piece of off-white linoleum that was apparently made to always look dirty, lol. The stairs and the living area both have dark beige berber carpet. I knew that the Python Printed Wool Rug in my inspiration photo was not going to work because it didn’t come in a small size, but for a while I thought I might be able to find something similar. I quickly realized that this rug, or any other light-colored, basically solid rug would not be a good choice for dirty shoes. I have a washable rug now, and I do wash it regularly, but I see no reason to knowingly purchase a rug that is going to look filthy every time someone comes in. I want this one to hide just a little bit.


That being said, I can NOT figure out which rug to get. I have considered tons of options. Everything from $10-$200, white, beige, black, gray, and even navy. I think part of my difficulty in choosing a rug is that I’m visually trying to filter out the aqua walls and throw blankets, the blue denim sofa cover and the golden-yellow pillows – all of which are going to be replaced (thank goodness!). Oh yeah, and the aqua walls… Anywho, for now I’m trying out this black & ivory rug from Kohls. I do wish it was just a smidgen larger (its 20×30) but seeing as the space is so small (36″ wide at the door), I guess it’s probably fine. I am still unsure, mainly because it is so high contrast with itself and the flooring around it so it’s not exactly calming. BUT, I do know that I don’t want a rug in that spot that blends in – I’ve had that and it was boring and blah and now gone, lol. My current rug, though the wrong color for my style, is more of a statement piece and I love that about it. I know that might mean I get tired of it sooner, but I only spent $5 for this one! We’ll see…

One item I did not have in my inspiration photo, which I should have, was a small table lamp. I used to think I was going to get a plug-in wall lamp/sconce to go above the table but after looking for one realized I don’t really like them that much and would rather have the flexibility of a lamp anyways. For the lamp, I didn’t want glass or metal, I was leaning towards a “softer” material like ceramic or wood and since the shelf is very straight-lined, I wanted some curves. I purchased this lamp and shade from Target and am loving the sophisticated and calm colors together! The dimensions are perfect for the 8″ depth of the shelf and yet it provides just as much light as my old floor lamp!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Everything else in my inspiration photo is a work in progress. Now that I’m not using a wall sconce, I think I will have a large piece of art above the table. However, I don’t think I want the art from my inspiration photo. At the moment I’m considering several, but am really unsure if any of them are perfect for this spot – time will tell. I’m very nervous about art – it feels sooo personal!

The super cute $6 bowl from Terrain is way too small to be functional, as is the Threshold basket. I have actually given up on finding a basket for this space. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and apparently the perfect one is already in my home, lol. I had purchased a basket at Homegoods a while back to hold/hide my daughter’s toys in the living room but I am going to use it for my throws and find her a new one – hopefully that will be easier!

The leather tray from my inspiration photo (via Etsy shop deBruir), which I still love, is way too expensive. I pinned lots of different trays and strongly considered this one but wasn’t thrilled with the small size or price of getting it custom-made in a larger size. Luckily while picking up my lamp at Target the other day, I ended up falling for the Ash Wood Serving Bowl. I love the rounded chunky shape and its substantial size really fills the space nicely whereas the tray might have felt dinky. I had planned on this being used to hold visitors keys/phones/etc. but at the moment it is housing my TV remotes. FYI, the color in the product photo is much greener and washed out than the actual bowl.

The Maewoven throw is no longer available though it was round which is cute but not as functional – also I can probably find something I like just as much for much less at TJ Maxx. The boot tray is still a good idea, but not this one and not now. I don’t love the color with the shelf and I have a baby who would love to eat things out of the dirty boot tray – ew! While working on this design, I’ve found LOTS of other items that I like; they can all be found on my Pinterest page.



So here’s where I’m at now. Not finished, but definitely headed in an exciting direction. I feel like I’m adhering to CCSOF pretty well and saving here and there. Here’s the original design direction for easier comparison:



Obviously the two photos are very different, but I am trying to be very open-minded when sourcing products for my space. In addition, I’ve always been the type of person who decorates slowly. I add pieces into my actual home and then readjust the plan – this happens over and over until I have all of the pieces. So far, that has meant that the color scheme has changed a little bit, but I’m very happy with what I have so far. At this point, I haven’t really found any decorative pieces or art that I love for this area but I’m not going to actively pursue finding those. I want to LOVE those items, as they are purely decorative so I’m willing to wait until they come along. As I find pieces, I will add them in. Plus, my daughter (who is turning 1 this week!) is still learning what “no” means and how to be gentle with non-toys. I want to teach her how to behave with breakables, of course, but I see no need to add one more area of frustration for her at this point when I don’t even have an item I’m dying to have. We have enough teaching moments, lol.





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