Even in the Little Things

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Over the past five years, I have gone through some major life changes. I got my first job out of college, got married, started a family, and bought my first home. It’s no surprise that through all of that, my style has also changed. I’ve recently realized that this can be seen in my bathroom rug choices over the years. Now that I have discovered and embraced CCSOF, I think I have finally found the perfect rug(s) for my bathroom – yay! It’s a sigh of relief! The bathroom has a long way to go, but it’s much better now. 

2784926_aquaFor my first apartment after getting married, I registered for these aqua shag rugs. It was an obvious choice – they matched the color of my towels and were the same kind of bath mat I always had growing up. Though they were super soft and non-slip, they also hid all of the dirt/dust/hair that tends to accumulate in a bathroom which I learned is gross. Also, because of the sheen of this rug and the high pile, anytime you walked on it, it left a shaded print which tended to make it look messy.


After moving into my house, I kept the shag rugs in the master bathroom but wanted to get a rug for our downstairs bathroom. Due to the layout of the room, the only space for a rug in front of the shower was also in front of the toilet, so a typical rectangle rug wouldn’t fit. I decided to try this round rug in gray. It is really cute with frilly feminine edges and a simple concentric pattern. Unfortunately, due to its small size (24 in.) and the texture, it tended to move around quite a bit even with a rug pad. After a while I decided to let it go.


By this time, I had finished painting all of the walls in my home a light and bright aqua and the shag rugs, though perfectly matched, were a little much. I decided to get a different color and try to cover as much of the linoleum floors as possible (they are original to the ’94 house and have some discoloration and damage). I ended up with a 3×4 rug similar to this rectangle gray one – I know, exciting, right? Anywho, the gray went with my bedding at the time and I liked that it was soft to walk on but also easy to clean. Over time though, I stated to feel like it was dark and kinda dingy even though it was cleaned regularly. I held on to it thinking that everything would look better after I painted the cabinets white,  but the bathroom itself looked so much then, that the rug looked worse!


Simultaneously, I lost my mind decided to get a “happy” rug to go in front of my shower (literally less than 1 foot away). I honestly have no explanation for the coral color, though it is pretty.  I liked that it wasn’t a shag and also that it was a mini-runner size. My previous shag rug was a little too short and a little too wide for the 5×3 space. (Side note: My “master bath” is actually a jack and jill with two half baths and a shower room in the middle. The other half bath is attached to the nursery) Although the color is definitely not CCSOF, I love love love the bath mats like this at World Market.


Eventually, I was on the hunt for a rug to go in front of the french doors in the living room. (This is related, I promise!) I ordered a teal and white striped runner from H&M (no longer available) but it ended up looking awful with the floral rug in the other part of the room. Rather than return it, I decided to try it in my bathroom. Instantly the bathroom felt sooo much brighter and even a little more modern. I thought for sure that it was “the one,” but after a couple of months I learned that a rug in front of the toilet (a rug with white in front of the toilet) is NOT a good idea! After being unsuccessful at getting stains out and noticing how obviously it showed all 5 trillion of my fallen hairs, I decided it too had to go.

For some time I toyed with the idea of simply not having rugs in the bathrooms. It was easier to clean a blank floor and if there wasn’t something to draw your eye to it, the linoleum might quietly disappear. That thought lasted until the moment I saw this bath mat from Anthropologie – sooo pretty! I love how calming the colors are and that the pattern seems feminine without being too in your face about it. The textural component is also very appealing to cover up my super flat floors (no faux grout lines). Although I super love that rug, the price ($48) is a little higher than I really want to spend. Knowing that I still had store credit at World Market, I decided to look for something similar there and I got lucky!


Though this bath mat does not have quite the same vibe, it does have the same colors and textures. It is really pretty in person and because of the large-scale pattern, it seems softer both visually and literally than the Anthro one. At $14.99 it was a no brainer. I do wish it was a little smaller since it extends several inches past the left edge of the cabinet but there aren’t many rugs out there in that small size (and certainly not at the small price!). Though it’s not as unique as my original inspiration, I really like it and feel better about purchasing the more reasonable option. Plus I was then able to purchase additional items!


While browsing the bathroom section to find the bath mat for in front of the sink, I decided to also look for an off-white bath mat to replace my coral one in front of the shower so they would actually go together (what a concept?!) Since I love their thin bath mats, I was excited to find this one in stock. It’s super long (60″) so it is actually a few inches wider than my bathtub but since I love it so much, I have placed it in the middle of the 5×3 space in front of the shower. I love how much floor it covers and the soft/pretty pattern and color! Plus having it in the middle of the space, rather than butted up against the shower, makes the room feel bigger somehow.


Anywho, I hope to goodness that I have officially stopped the hunt for the perfect bath rug(s) for the master bathroom. I really do think I’m figuring out my style but I’m still a little nervous. Everything I’ve bought recently still has tags on it (see below pic, lol) just in case I realize I made a mistake and need to take it back. Already my bathroom, which is far from a zen spa experience, feels cleaner, more welcoming, and kinda cozy. Plus, after adding the rugs, I started to get other ideas for the space.

Something I’ve always considered for this room is some form of wainscoting in white on the bottom 2/3 of the room. I’ve thought about a warm creamy beige for the top or even some light ivory tone-on-tone wallpaper in a feminine pattern. I might even add a little table at the end of the shower room in front of the door with a big basket underneath. Who knows? Here are some bathroom products I’ve been thinking about lately (as I find more, I’ll add them to my Pinterest board):

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


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