Window Shopping: World Market

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As mentioned in my last post, I have made several returns recently of items that did not align with my new CCSOF guideline (calm, cozy, sophisticated, organized, feminine). The majority of these items came from World Market and I now have quite a bit of store credit. So, I thought I would peruse their store online and see what I might like to spend my credit on. I know it doesn’t have to be spent immediately but it’s fun and my decor is sad, lol. 

I spent some time this week browsing the various types of items available from World Market and pinned away. I tried to focus on looking for things I really liked first, because if I started looking for items with that were CCSOF first, I would end up finding lots of stuff but not actually liking a lot of it. I do have to be open-minded when shopping now since I am retraining my “shopping eye” but I want to be careful not to take myself out of the search. If I truly liked an item, I added it to the appropriate Pinterest board. After going through the whole site, I looked back at everything I had pinned and whittled down my picks based on my 5 words. Here are my options at this point:

Let’s take a closer look:


Seagrass Cora Tote Basket $39.99

I was actually going to buy this basket the other day when I was at the store, but they didn’t have it in stock and it’s also out of stock online so I guess if I really want this I’ll have to wait. Now that I look at it though, the weave may be a little too busy for me. However, I do really like the shape of it and the handles. I was thinking about using it in the living room to hold throw blankets. I’m currently using some black wire baskets with a wood handle from Kohls that are very farmhouse and definitely not cozy.



Glass Globe Serena Accent Lamp Base  $29.99

I don’t typically like lamps with see-through bases, but this one doesn’t expose the messy/unattractive cord and it looks so simple and pretty. I won’t know if I like the gold color until I see it in person but I love the overall shape. This is a fairly small lamp so the only place it might work is in my bedroom on the dresser. The price isn’t bad but I would still need a shade for about $15…



Kayden Diamond Tufted Bath Mat $14.99

My master bathroom has linoleum that has yellowed over time so I’m not entirely sure if this color will work or not. I’ve tried a few different rugs but they always look dingy, you’d think they would make the floor look better, but apparently the power of the linoleum is stronger, lol! Assuming beige works, I still think I’m going to pass on it because I’m so in love with this one from Anthropologie!


Gold Rio Tealight Candleholder $14.99-$19.99

The shape of these candleholders is really intriguing to me, though I am nervous about the gold portion being too brassy since I haven’t seen them in person. Regardless, I really like the idea of these. The wood could be a problem too – I’ve always had trouble liking wood objects (lamps, frames, etc.) on wood furniture unless the color was very different, but maybe I will add a runner to our living room cabinet…




Gold Bits & Baubles Ceramic Trinket Dish  $4.99

I saw the square dish in store and it was very pretty. It is a creamy ivory and I love the sheen of the ceramic. It’s simple but still girly, now I just have to find a reason to have it, lol. I guess my phone might want a special spot on my nightstand when it’s charging, lol. Side note: Am I the only one who’s nervous about buying hexagon-shaped things? I feel like it’s super trendy and might scream 2016.  I’ve seen a lot of people getting hex tile recently and it makes me sooo nervous!




Modern Glass Votive Holder Set of 6  $5.94

This addition seems silly, but I saw these in person and they were really pretty! They were super shiny and simple. I’ve always felt like votive candles looked kinda dinky but maybe that’s just because I was literally trying to use them as the only decor item on a large surface, lol. I may have to try to spot them working in some styled vignettes before committing. Side note: A lot of World Market items that are sold as sets online are sold individually in stores.




Hammered Pewter Accent Lamp Base  $27.99

I really love the color of this lamp and the softness/interest that the hammered texture adds. I especially like that extra bit at the top that makes it so it is not literally a ball. Unfortunately, because this lamp is tiny (7″ wide!), I don’t really have a good place for it in my home. I had envisioned it as a big 14″ base with a lot of presence that could work in our living room- always check dimensions!



Antique Gold Scoop Desk Lamp  $49.99

I’m inclined to think that this lamp isn’t quite right for me. The color seems a little dark, the bulb is exposed (not exactly cute) and the reviews are pretty terrible. I do, however, love the shape of this lamp. Maybe I can find wall sconces with a similar profile for our bedroom instead. Side note: Do I have to have sconces with a nickel finish since all of our overhead lighting is in nickel? It feels like a sconce stays with a house and should therefore match…




Oatmeal and Ivory Knit Sweater Throw  $49.99

I love the way this looks in the photo, but have never seen it in person so I am skeptical. I say that because, the blankets I have seen in-store have never seemed like nice quality throws. If I’m going to curl up with something around my face, I’d really like for the fabric to be nice. I had originally thought of this for our sofa, but I actually just got a beige sofa cover from Target (to replace our old denim one) so if that works, the throw would have to be used elsewhere.




White Ceramic Pineapple Cookie Jar  $14.99

I think this might look really cute in our kitchen (I am struggling to redecorate it, even on a mood board, because I have very blue and very old Formica countertops). Anywho, at first glance, I didn’t think this looked like me, I felt like maybe it was more for an older woman. I’m still not sure. I do, however, love the material, color and overall shape and storage possibilities of it. It would probably be home to my chargers more often than cookies!




Taupe Heather Sweater Pouf  $99.99

I saw this pouf from afar and haven’t been able to get it off of my mind. According to reviews, it holds up really well and can actually be used as a seat. I love the color and the soft cable-knit pattern seems super cozy. But, our living space has beige carpet so this would probably be better once we have a different colored rug…but if I wait to buy stuff because it isn’t great with what I have, I’ll never get anywhere!




I think I’ve narrowed down my options quite a bit through this process, stay tuned to see what I pick!


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