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When trying to decide what my first non-holiday post for 2017 would be about, I thought of a lot of different things but didn’t really want to dedicate an entire post to any of them (at least for now), so I thought I’d just share what has been on my mind lately decor-wise.


This past Summer, I read Marie Kondo’s books on her Konmari Method and loved them. She is all about removing the excess clutter from your life so that you are only surrounded by things you love or find useful and then organizing what is left as simply as possible. I went through her process somewhat, but at the time I was still losing baby weight and couldn’t really do it “right.” I plan to re-read her books now that I have gotten back to my pre-baby size and though I already purged a lot, I know that her books make me want to cleanse my home with a frenzy so I’ll probably find plenty more. In my sorta – Konmari method, I happily got rid of a lot of decorative items that I didn’t love but this has left my home feeling empty and like we just moved in. I’m all for less visual clutter and I don’t want a ton of stuff, but all of the rooms just feel unfinished now. So while I still have things I want to get rid of or replace, I also want to replenish my home with decorative things I love to make it feel cozy, pretty, and complete – but I am having some style confusion.

Since moving into our home in 2013, I have decorated primarily with white, aqua, coral and yellow giving an overall springy happy vibe. Oddly enough, since the birth of my daughter, I am somewhat repelled by what I now interpret as the loud and in-your-face colors that can be found in my home. I crave calm, cozy, sophisticated and organized with a dash of femininity. I think this stems from three things. One, it is my attempt to control my life and regain the sense of purpose and pride I felt when I had a career. Two, I am trying to surround myself with as much calmness and relaxation as possible amidst the colorful and noisy toys and general messiness and spontaneity (chaos) of having a child. Three, my postpartum wardrobe for several months consisted of a handful of basic cheap T-shirts in springy and somewhat neon colors which I wore a million times and quickly grew to hate – they were a constant reminder of my weight, finances and new daily life (which I’m still getting used to).


I am now leaning towards colors like white, beige, blush, cognac, metallics and sometimes navy or gray. I also am drawn to natural baskets and lighter toned wood. These things are pretty together and help give the feeling I’m longing for, but I am nervous about A) getting rid of things not in that colorway (aka most of my stuff) and B) buying things in that colorway that I like right now, but haven’t liked in the past – is it temporary, are they trends that I’ll quickly grow tired of? Has my style simply evolved? If so, is it finished? I don’t want to spend any more money on things I won’t like long-term. I already feel guilty about getting rid of so much stuff that I purchased and liked at the time. As a stay-at-home-mom, I feel like I have to be even more mindful about what I bring into my home and out of our bank account.


I don’t know…for now I’m going to focus on looking online at different products I like and then using Pinterest as a sort of mood board for the different rooms in my home. I feel like if I do this, I can see if I continue to like these items and if so I will feel more confident about my purchases. Though, I think I may still buy some things and leave the tags on just to live with them for a while and see how I feel – kind of like a test run with little risk – and that may give me the homeyness I am missing for the moment and a little reassurance about my style.

Window Shopping (things I am looking for/pinning):

  • Bathroom rug – Do I even want one? We haven’t had one downstairs for a while and it just feels cleaner but at the same time our linoleum (yes, linoleum not tile) upstairs is super awful and might be better covered up… and the Maya Bath Mat is pretty.
  • Soap dispensers for kitchen and bathroom-So hard to find cute and functional ones, but the Gleaming Brass Bath Collection is nice!
  • Pretty office supplies – I don’t need any, but I love them! (I’ve pinned several!)
  • Two super small and narrow console tables – I want one at the top of the stairs and another by the front door with a plug-in wall lamp above it (to replace floor lamp). The Navarra Console is super expensive but I love the color and feminine lines (unfortunately, some other items in the collection appear gray).


House updates:

  • Removed the white crochet valances from the kitchen and bathroom – the rooms instantly looked bigger and more modern, yay!
  • Replaced grungy floral rug in living room with teal rug from nursery – it’s better but definitely temporary
  • I want a more sophisticated and somewhat neutral color palette in the kitchen, but I’m not sure how to justify  getting rid of the red rug and floral curtains to my family
  • Removed the shelf I “made” by the kitchen table, eventually I will put art there, but I have nothing picked out yet
  • Downstairs room, which has always been the dumping ground, has now been cleared and organized as a playroom. That, in addition to our toy rotation, should cut down on the amount of toys strewn about.
  • Considering removing cabinet doors from two upper cabinets, still have to fill the peg holes on the inside of one and re-organize all of the cabinets to make those have more attractive contents.
  • New stainless steel oven and over-the-range microwave (previously had a counter-top microwave), now looking at adding moulding from cabinets to ceiling, raising the cabinet above fridge (to give more options for a stainless steel fridge in future) and adding a side-panel for the fridge to make it look built-in

It’s 2017, let’s do this!


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