Musings on Future Christmas Decorations

As mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of Christmas decorations at the moment that I’m not super excited about (some of which are in the car destined for Goodwill). I can’t say enough how much calmer I feel now that it’s all put away! However, prior to the end of the season I looked online and collected a small grouping of items/ideas that I will use to guide me next year. These items are only available seasonally so they are just an inspiration board, next Christmas I will use these to help me choose from all the new and awesome holiday decor!

  1. Spiced Apple Cider Natural Soy Candle | Foxblossom Co.| $24 I really like the clean look of this off-white candle, the shiny glass, and natural wood top. I like that it is a holiday scent, but it doesn’t look different from my regular decor.
  2. Manhattan Brownstone Glitter Peel & Stick Gift Tags | Target | $1.30
  3. White with Gold Polka Dots Gift Bow-Wondershop | Target | $3
  4. Sugar Paper White Tissue Paper-25 count | Target | $4 I like the sophistication this gift wrap collection brings while still being cheerful. I’m not sure what color paper I would want, brown craft paper, shiny red, white or white with gold? Also, I am accepting the fact that I will never make cute bows with real wired ribbon or even egg ribbon (no idea what that’s actually called) like my mom and I have a baby so we’re going to try the stick on bows- gasp!
  5. Medium Bottle Brush Tree-White-Threshold| Target | $16.99 I’m a sucker for white trees!
  6. Pine Needle Tree 9″-Wondershop | Target | $3 
  7. Cable Knit with Faux Fur Pillow Cover | Crate & Barrel | $69.50 I’ve always thought pillows and throws in cable-knit looked super comfy but too winter-y for regular decor- Christmas might just be the time to break some out!
  8.  Matte White Ceramic Houses| Crate & Barrel | $8.97
  9. Winter Cottage Cookie Jar | Crate & Barrel | $29.95 Just like the white trees, bring on all the white ceramic houses! So cute! (Though we’ve had a Christmas cookie jar for years, it’s almost always been purely decorative- is that normal?)
  10. Wild and Free Ceramic Travel Not a Paper Cup Set | World Market | $17.96 A little too bright for everyday (not a morning person) but maybe a pleasant festive surprise during the holidays!
  11. Mini Ornament Set | Anthropologie | $12
  12. Jumping Jackalope Ornament | Anthropologie | $20 This may just be the cutest ornament I’ve ever seen! Even if I didn’t have a daughter, I’d probably want this.
  13. Reindeer Games Ornament | Anthropologie | $16
  14. Snowy Swan Ornament | Anthropologie | $24
  15. Woodland Creatures Christmas Ornaments | Anthropologie | $24 The last few are all super cute ornaments that my little one would love!
  16. Mini Ornament Set | Anthropologie | $12 I will always have glass balls on my tree, they are a staple and full of nostalgia too. I’m not sure what colors I’ll end up with, but for now I’m thinking metallics, blues and greens (I don’t usually like green on anything but plants so we’ll see, but I already have some in a light green which I think may bridge the gap between the dark green tree and everything else). I’ve kept my red ones in case I change my mind, but I don’t think they’ll be coming back. 

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