Entryway| Coat Hooks

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As mentioned in my Entryway| Design and Progress post, rather than spending $50 a pop for the beautiful coat hooks that inspired my entryway design, I ordered 3 modern, but curvy, brass hooks from CB2 for $36 total. These hooks are beautiful, weighty and the perfect addition to welcome guests into my home (plus I get to look at them everyday!). Here’s how I decided which hook to get, how many I needed, and where to put them. Continue reading “Entryway| Coat Hooks”

Entryway | Design and Progress

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Two weeks ago I shared an image on Instagram of some beautiful brass wall hooks that got me excited to start designing my entryway. I quickly came up with a general design direction that adhered to my personal style words (discussed here). Then I figured out the cost of everything ($1043.10 – yikes!) so I could see which items I needed to switch out to make my vision doable. I’m still working on it but wanted to give an update. Continue reading “Entryway | Design and Progress”

Even in the Little Things

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Over the past five years, I have gone through some major life changes. I got my first job out of college, got married, started a family, and bought my first home. It’s no surprise that through all of that, my style has also changed. I’ve recently realized that this can be seen in my bathroom rug choices over the years. Now that I have discovered and embraced CCSOF, I think I have finally found the perfect rug(s) for my bathroom – yay! It’s a sigh of relief! The bathroom has a long way to go, but it’s much better now.  Continue reading “Even in the Little Things”

Window Shopping: Lulu & Georgia

Just a quick post to share some recent Lulu & Georgia finds! I had previously been under the impression that this retailer only carried rugs, but thanks to this post from Chris Loves Julia, where they shared an amazing guest room makeover featuring these Golden Molecules, I now have another resource for decorative accessories for my home. Here are my current favorites which can also be found on my Pinterest!

Continue reading “Window Shopping: Lulu & Georgia”

Window Shopping: World Market

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As mentioned in my last post, I have made several returns recently of items that did not align with my new CCSOF guideline (calm, cozy, sophisticated, organized, feminine). The majority of these items came from World Market and I now have quite a bit of store credit. So, I thought I would peruse their store online and see what I might like to spend my credit on. I know it doesn’t have to be spent immediately but it’s fun and my decor is sad, lol.  Continue reading “Window Shopping: World Market”

Five Little Words

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I crave calm, cozy, sophisticated and organized, with a dash of femininity.

The above quote is from my last post. I didn’t plan that thought out, I didn’t analyze it or try to make it perfect, it just flowed while I was writing, and because of that, I trust it. I think that as I delve into figuring out my personal style, I will use those five words to determine what will have a place in my home. Continue reading “Five Little Words”

A Little of This, A Little of That | 01

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When trying to decide what my first non-holiday post for 2017 would be about, I thought of a lot of different things but didn’t really want to dedicate an entire post to any of them (at least for now), so I thought I’d just share what has been on my mind lately decor-wise. Continue reading “A Little of This, A Little of That | 01”